Noel J Jacobs, PhD
Disclosures: Nothing to disclose - 03/21/2022

Dr. Noel Jacobs is a licensed Health Service Psychologist and Associate Professor of Pediatrics in the Section of General and Community Pediatrics at OU Health Sciences Center.  He completed his doctoral training in clinical child psychology at the University of Kansas in 2001 and has 15 years’ experience in licensed professional practice and also undergraduate and graduate teaching. His research interests are in the areas of psychosocial quality of life and  adolescent to young adult transition and self-management with chronic illness.  Dr. Jacobs also helps lead the Diversity Workgroup for the psychology training program at OUHSC. He spends his time in this area helping assess and identify ways to promote greater understanding, appropriate care, and best practice training related to diversity.


Dr. Jacobs also teaches and promotes the ideas of personal and professional well-being and intentional growth. He co-chairs the Diversity Workgroup for the OUHSC psychology training program and is a strong proponent of community building and believes strongly in the importance and power of positive direct human encounter with the ‘other,’ through LGBTQIA, interfaith, intercultural and interracial experiences