Emilie D Henry, MD
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Emilie Henry, MD is the Pediatric Cardiac ICU Medical Director at Children’s Hospital in Oklahoma City and Associate Professor of Pediatrics in Pediatric Critical Care at the University of Oklahoma. She has served as the Pediatric Cardiac ICU Medical Director since 2019 and has focused on quality improvement in the CICU as well as processes, education and expansion of the overall CICU team including discharge coordinator, dedicated Cardiac Educator, and a dedicated Cardiac CNS. Dr. Henry, along with the nursing and surgical leadership, have overseen the CICU renovation that began in 2019 and will complete its expansion from a 12 bed unit to a 25 bed unit in 2022. She is the site PI for an NIH funded study called PROSPect, looking at the best management for children intubated for pediatric ARDS. Additionally, she has been involved with pharmacokinetic studies surrounding fentanyl and bumetanide, common drugs used in the CICU.  She has been involved with hospital wide quality research regarding unplanned extubations and CLABSIs and is an active participant on the University of Oklahoma IRB.  She has co-authored two textbook chapters on ECMO from Comprehensive Critical Care and has been involved with nursing, resident, advanced practice provider, and fellow education in pediatrics and pediatric critical care since 2007.



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Book Chapters


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