Michael Ruggerio, BA
Disclosures: I/we have no financial relationships to report.

Michael Ruggerio: After receiving his BA in Public Health, Michael held multiple positions at the American Red Cross in the area of HIV/AIDS education and services at the local, state, and regional levels as well as Senior Associate of Public Health and Senior Associate of Disease Prevention at the American National Red Cross in Washington D.C.  Twenty six years in the HIV arena has resulted in extensive experience in program design and implementation. In 2008, Michael was actively recruited by Harris County Hospital District (aka Harris Health System) to implement the Routine Universal Screening for HIV project which is nationally recognized as an innovative model.  In that implementation, he redirected efforts from an outreach team of five employees to create a robust program of Service Linkage that now includes 11 full-time HIV Service Linkage Workers. This model has been shared via regional preceptorships and is now used by other entities. He is well acquainted with Public Policy in the HIV arena, and has been an activist advocating for many of the services People Living with HIV receive now.