Hanna A Saadah, MD, FACP
Disclosures: Nothing to disclose

Bio: Hanna A. Saadah

Dr. Hanna Saadah, born in Lebanon in 1946, earned his M.D. from the American University of Beirut and his Internal-Medicine Residency & Infectious-Disease Fellowship from OU Health Sciences Center.  He is board certified in Internal Medicine and Infectious Diseases.

He initiated the Adolescent-Medicine Program, directing it during its first two years of life and has remained active as volunteer faculty, passionately teaching medical thinking, medical humanities, and that loving-your-patient is the most potent therapy.

He practiced internal medicine at Mercy Hospital and is currently Emeritus Clinical Professor of Medicine, Department of Geriatrics, VA Hospital and OU Health Sciences Center. 

Dr. Saadah is active in the Open Arms Clinic, the Good Shepherd Clinic, and his hometown’s free clinic in Lebanon.

He has made five important medical discoveries:

  • 1987-developed and introduced the Occipital-Nerve-Block procedure for the treatment of headaches; this procedure is currently used by headache doctors worldwide.
  • 1993-described the resolution of vertigo by treating hyperlipidemia.
  • 1994-described the successful treatment of the Post-Cholecystectomy Syndrome with statins.
  • 1997-described and measured headache fear as an important cause of the Medication-Overuse Headache Syndrome.
  • 2013-described the false feeling of shortness of breath associated with reflux esophagitis and coined the term Pseudo-dyspnea.

             He has published numerous scientific articles, lay medical articles, and humanities articles in various magazines and journals.  

             His five poetry books, four novels, and one book of short stories, are all available on Amazon. His eleventh book, Veteran and Elder Stories, celebrates the lives and sacrifices of our veterans, will be available on Amazon in 2019.

Dr. Saadah’s awards include: 

  • First annual Charlotte S. Leebran Memorial Journal Award for best scientific paper in the JOSMA
  • Deeds of Mercy Award 
  • Honorary Citizen of the State of Excellence Award 
  • First American College of Physicians Humanities Award
  • Best Doctors in America Award
  • OCMS 2019 Rhinehart Medical Service Award
  • Aesculapian Award for best volunteer teacher class of 2019
  • Commencement address, graduating class or 2019