Jeffrey S. Alderman, MD, MS, FACP
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Jeffrey Alderman, M.D., M.S. is Associate Professor of Community Medicine at the University of Tulsa, and director of the TU Institute for Health Care Delivery Sciences. Dr. Alderman is a teacher and student of health care policy and systems re-engineering – focusing on ways to improve value in health care. He also is a long-time hospice and palliative medicine physician in the Tulsa community, where he continues to provide end-of-life care and hospice services.  Dr. Alderman earned his M.D. at George Washington University, and more recently received a Master’s degree in Health Care Delivery Science at Dartmouth College.


After earning a Master’s degree in Health Care Delivery Science at Dartmouth College, Dr. Alderman served as medical director of the Sooner Health Access Network – a care management program designed to coordinate care for Medicaid patients across the state of Oklahoma. He later moved to the University of Tulsa, where he directs health delivery science education, and oversees projects designed to improve the health of communities – including the Tulsa Mental Health Plan. He speaks locally and nationally on issues of value-driven care and social determinates of health.