OUHSC Employees: 
Several employees are receiving an error message when signing into CloudCME (SAML connection error, please try again).  We are working with OUHSC IT and CloudCME to resolve this issue.  Please click "OK" and continue to try to sign in.  If your name appears in the top right corner of the screen, you are signed in, even though you received the error message.   

Please follow the instructions below to access your account or create a new account: 

Do you have an OUHSC e-mail address? 
Your OUHSC user name and password will work in CloudCME.  
1. Go to the website above and click on “Sign In” 
2. A “pop-up” window will come up with two options:  select “Use my OUHSC Login” 
3. Select
4. Enter your OUHSC user name and password

If you don't have an OUSHC e-mail address: 
Have you received CME credit from OU before (or have you attended one of our conferences) 
Then you have an account in CloudCME! 
1. Go to the website above and click on “Sign In” 
2. A “pop-up” window will come up with two options:  select “Login with my CloudCME account”
3. Click on “Forgot your password” 
4. Enter your e-mail address and CloudCME will e-mail you with information on re-setting your password. 
5. Once you have re-set your password, you can select Login with my CloudCME account and log in. 

What if you’ve never received CME credit from OU? 
You can create a new account
1. Go to the website above and click on “Sign In” 
2. A “pop-up” window will come up with two options:  select “Login with my CloudCME account”
3. Click on “Don’t have an account?”
4. Follow the instructions to set up your account

Once you have signed in, your name will appear in the top, right corner and you will see “MY CME” on the right side of the page:
You will now be able to: 
Register for conferences
View and update your profile. It is very important for your information to be up-to-date!  Provide us with your current mailing address, NPI number and especially your cell phone number (this will be important when you attend conferences) 
Access your transcript showing all of your CME credits
Complete your evaluation and immediately receive your CME certificate
View the syllabus for any conference you attend

If you are a physician, please provide us with your NPI number. If you do not know this number, you can look it up here:
As excited as we are about these changes, we know that with new technology will come new challenges.  Please have patience with us as we learn everything the new system can do to improve our customer service. 

How to Check In for Grand Rounds:

1. Via text message – A distinct code will be provided for each Grand Rounds.

If this is the first time you are texting your attendance, you must first pair your mobile number to your account.  Text your email address to (405) 562-5828.  You will receive a text notification indicating your phone number has been updated. 

Once your account is paired to your mobile number and you have obtained the event code, send the code via text to: (405) 562-5828. For recording Live Stream activities, attendees will receive a code via email.

Please note, attendance can only be recorded 15 mins. prior to the activity start time, during the activity and up to 15 mins. after the activity closes.

2.  Via mobile app – in your browser search CloudCME® check in or CloudCME® mobile app and download to your Apple or Android device(s)  to access the Check-in menu and scan a QR code. This app also features mobile access to your transcripts, access to the calendar of events, and many other exciting features!